Харківметро Ак.Павловаметро 23 Серпня

Харківметро Ак.Павловаметро 23 Серпня

Be happy
through music!

We teach adults and teenagers from scratch. No extra theory.Vocals - Guitars - Drums - Keyboards

To get to know the school better,look videos about our lessons and concerts!

11 years

We teach music in Kharkov.

5200 alumni

We have accumulated great experience.

3 locations

Near metro stations.


Vasil Stus Street 4-a.

Shakespeare lane 7

Universitetskaya Street 4

  • Someone comes to us to learn "just for themselves"

  • And someone to perform, we will create your rock band!

Our approach

To teach music as accessible and for pleasure as possible, without excessive "academic"
rigor and monotony.

We cut off all unnecessary, "facilitated" the learning process and do not delve into the jungle of theory. Emphasis on practice. 

Music is a hobby for our students. We are for the pleasure of the process, and not just

Therefore, our practicing teachers do not boast that they “torment” students with drill.


Musical party
extraordinary personalities

Like attracts like. Rock music unites students, photographers,
designers, actors, businessmen, artists, writers, IT specialists, tattoo artists,
stylists. 100% of our students find new friends in School, and some of them find their love!

Our uniqueness

In Shook of Rock , the learning process is not just one-on-one sessions with a teacher. It consists of 4 parts

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  • Creation of rock bands. Samples with multiple groups
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    Rehearsals in groups. Concert preparation
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    Regular concerts as part of a rock band. First, in front of his "home" audience, and then from a serious stage

All this allows you to not fade motivation when there are recessions in the study.
If you want to play or sing "just for yourself" - performances are not required)

Video reviews of students



What will you do in class?

  • Learn your favorite songs

  • Sing alone and in a group

  • Rehearse with
    the band

  • Build confidence and
    acting skills

  • Perform on the professional stages of the city!

  • Make new friends

Winners of 35 Session of the School of Rock